Welcome to the website of the Food-Water-Energy Nexus Innovation Toolkit! This toolkit aims to help assess Food-Water-Energy innovations for your enterprise, partnership or Living Lab. It consists of three modules:

  1. Module 1 'Awareness and Opportunities': aims to get you acquainted with general possibilities when thinking about Food-Water-Energy as an integrated system, and possible opportunities regarding saving resources, converting resources, gaining sustainability benefits or gaining benefits on another spatial scale.
  2. Module 2 'System Overview': aims to give you an overview of to what extent resource savings, efficient resource conversions, beneficial social, environmental and economic effects as well as beyond-local effects may be applicable to your specific system.
  3. Module 3 'Quantitative Assessment': aims to lets you compare the current situation with the innovation scenario in a quantitative and visualized way.
  4. Start the toolkit by selecting the resource type below that is most dominant in your enterprise or living lab: only multimedia and tools that connect that resource to other resources will be shown. (Click 'full toolkit' in the menu above if you do not want to exclude any multimedia or tools.)

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